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Tourism Industry Aotearoa 
The only independent association that represents all sectors of New Zealand's large and diverse tourism industry. TIA is leading the Activating Domestic Tourism project with support from industry partners.

Tourism 2025 growth framework  
The tourism industry’s growth framework, which aspires to grow annual tourism turnover to $50 billion.

Provincial Growth Fund and Regional Growth Studies
MBIE studies to identify regional sector and commercial growth opportunities.

Chinese New Zealanders domestic travel survey 2018 - Trace Research (NZ)
More than 90% of Chinese New Zealanders took at least one domestic holiday trip in the past 12 months, spending approximately $315 million.

Domestic Tourism Dashboard

This dashboard outlines current data sources which provide a picture of the role tourism plays in New Zealand, including spending by domestic tourism.

Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates – Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment 
The MRTEs measure the expenditure of domestic and international visitors in regions across the country. Users can filter the information, e.g. by country of origin, tourism product grouping such as accommodation, passenger transport and retail sales, and by year.

Tourism Satellite Account – Stats New Zealand 
The annual TSA provides a picture of the role tourism plays in New Zealand, including spending by domestic tourism.

Domestic Satisfaction Series – Angus & Associates
Monitors perceptions of regional travel destinations within New Zealand to meet the needs of the industry.

For more facts and figures, please visit the TIA quick facts page 


Check out the following links and websites for tips and insight to help you put your domestic tourism marketing plan into action.

Social media marketing tips  
The TIA website has links to blogs and articles with tips on social media marketing, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat.

How to research your market and competitors 
Advice on how to define your market and the competition, with tips on how to use statistics.

Tips on developing your unique selling points
Identify the competitive factors that differentiate your product or service from other companies’ offerings. Promote them in your marketing to stand out from the crowd.

Tips to build your brand
Your name, logo, slogan and how you sell your products or services all help to create the feeling customers get when they come across your business. Here are tips on how to build a strong brand.

Marketing & sales
Make sure your marketing plan and sales initiatives are aligned.

Digital toolkit
A Digital Media Toolkit produced by PwC, including how to develop a digital marketing strategy and measure results.

Email marketing 
An email marketing ‘how to’ guide, including lead generation and spam rules, produced by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise.


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